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Are you looking for a cutting-edge and secure way to manage your event tickets? Look no further than Ticketland, a revolutionary ticketing platform powered by blockchain technology

The unique and authenticated nature of NFTs can provide a sense of exclusivity and rarity to the ticket holder, which can increase their engagement and appreciation of the event or experience.

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Ticketing + blockchain

Programmable Tickets
Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize the way we think about tickets. With programmable tickets, event organizers can create a secure and transparent system for ticketing that gives them greater control over how tickets are sold and used.
In addition to providing security, programmable tickets also offer flexibility. Event organizers can use smart contracts to set rules for ticket transfer and resale, giving them the ability to regulate ticket prices and prevent scalping. They can also use programmable tickets to offer special perks or rewards to ticket holders, such as early access to merchandise or exclusive meet-and-greet opportunities.
Overall, programmable tickets offer a reliable and innovative solution for event organizers looking to streamline their ticketing process and provide a better experience for their attendees.
Programmable tickets can be composed into other protocols or programs e.g. collateral and can automatically execute certain actions or instructions when certain conditions are met. This can be used to provide a variety of features and benefits for NFT tickets.
Dynamic Tickets and Engaging Content
Dynamic NFT tickets are a type of non-fungible tokens that can be programmed to change over time, such as displaying different artwork or digital assets, or providing access to different experiences or events. The power of dynamic NFTs comes from the ability to create unique and engaging experiences for the token holders, as well as the potential for these tokens to increase in value over time. Additionally, dynamic NFTs can also be used for a variety of use cases, such as gaming, virtual worlds, social media, and more.
Fan Analytics and Digital Communities
By leveraging fan analytics and digital communities, event organizers can gain valuable insights into fan behavior, preferences, and engagement, and use this information to develop targeted marketing campaigns, improve fan experiences, and drive revenue growth.
Sophisticated Decentralized Markets
Ticket holders can resell their tickets to other buyers. This can provide several benefits for both the original ticket holder and the secondary market buyer:
  • Flexibility: The secondary market allows ticket holders to sell their tickets if they can't attend an event, providing them with more flexibility and the ability to recoup some of their investment.
  • Liquidity: The secondary market provides liquidity for NFT tickets, making it easier for buyers to find and purchase tickets, even if the event is sold out.
  • Increased demand: The existence of a secondary market can increase demand for tickets, as buyers know they can resell them if they can't attend.
  • Market price discovery: The secondary market can help to discover the market price for the NFT tickets, which can be useful for sellers and buyers alike.
  • Revenue generation: The secondary market can provide a new revenue stream for businesses and consumers, as they can sell their NFT tickets for a higher price than their initial cost.

We are re-imagining tickets

What we're offering is beyond paper tickets - It's a whole new ticketing experience!

Authentication and security

NFT event tickets are unique and cannot be replicated, which helps prevent fraud and counterfeiting.


Secondary market

NFT event tickets can be resold on the secondary market, making it easy for ticket holders to sell their tickets if they can't attend an event.


Direct revenue

Artists can create and sell NFT event tickets for their own shows and events, earning revenue directly from primary ticket sales, as well as, royalties on every resale.



Artists can use NFT event tickets to create collectible items that can increase in value over time, providing a new revenue stream.



NFT event tickets can be interactive, providing a more engaging and immersive experience for the ticket holder.


Fan engagement

Artists can use NFT event tickets to create a deeper connection with their fans by providing exclusive content, access to events, or other incentives.


Access control

NFT event tickets can be programmed with smart contract to control access to the event, such as by time or location, providing a more efficient and secure way of managing ticketing.


Fiat Purchases

We have integrated credit and debit card payments which will ease the process of purchasing NFT tickets.


Affiliate programs

By leveraging blockchain's programmability and transparency, we can create a more efficient and trustworthy affiliate program that rewards customers for their contributions and ensures that payouts are automatically distributed to the right parties.


Low service fees            

Utilizing a public blockchain allows Ticketland to offer significantly lower fees as compared to the traditional web 2.0 counterparts.


Fast transaction speed

Ticketland is built on top of the Solana blockchain which has a proven record of high transaction throughput which allows this to be comparable in speed with the web2 counterparts.

Ticketland is free and permissionless

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